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Pharmacogenomics: Genetic Testing for Medications

Take the right medications.

Avoid the wrong ones.

You are your DNA. Listen to what you have to say!

Pharmacogenomics at its finest. Finding medications that work in 4 simple steps:

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01 Consult with our provider

Our provider will help determine your candidacy for the test.

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02 Take the test

You will receive a test-kit in the mail. Simply swab and send!

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03 Get the right medications

Know the treatments that are right for you.

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04 Feel better

Test results are good for life and can be used before medications are prescribed in the future.

Why don’t my medications work?

Have you or a loved one ever had a “bad reaction” or unusual side effects when taking a medicine? Reading the long list of allergies, warnings, interactions and other possible complications on any prescription drug leaflet can be scary. Why is it that some drugs work great for some people but don’t work well for others?

With 1,222 new drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 1950 and 2008, there are many options on the market (Munos, 2009, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery). With so many options, finding the right medication can be a drawn-out process of trial and error for the patient and the provider. As a result, complications are becoming alarmingly common. In 2015, the FDA received nearly 1.3 million reports of drug interactions, a rate that more than doubled in six years. Deaths from severe allergic reactions are also on the rise. * How your body reacts to any given medicine will be different from that of your spouse, your cousin, your best friend, your next-door neighbor, and your favorite grocery checkout clerk. (Reactions may even differ with the over-the-counter-drugs like aspirin or dietary supplements that the very same checkout clerk rang up for you!)

Isn’t there a better way to choose my medications?

We are glad you asked! Because yes, there is a better and safer way. With genetic testing for medications, a simple cheek swab can help identify how your body will process certain drugs. In your specific report, your provider can see which types of medications your body will process most effectively and determine the ideal dose. So instead of trying a drug that helped your spouse/neighbor/cousin/friend, only to find it gives you horrible side-effects, you can simply take one that is right for you.

How can I find out which medications are right for me?

Medicines are approved for use based on how most people respond to them. They are not approved based upon how you respond to them. Differences in your genetic profile mean that some drugs simply don’t work for you. Or that your body needs only half a dose to be effective. Or that you’ll be the one in a thousand who experiences dangerous, even life-threatening, side effects from a given medication. Is there a way to predict a potentially harmful reaction to a drug even before you take it?

There is.

Genes Advice is a simple, affordable genetic test for medications. It can help you determine what dosages of certain drugs are right for you and which ones you should avoid because they’re unsafe for you.